21 Day Challenge

Are you new to exercise, gotten yourself out of shape or dealing with a nagging injury that just won't go away? The 21 Day Challenge is a comprehensive plan with proven results. At My Path Wellness, when it comes to diets and exercise, one size does not fit all. We set you up for success with a Fitness and Weight Loss Program. If you are looking for a program to begin your path to wellness with progressive weight loss training solution and strengthening programs, you've come to the right place. Join us on our Challenge to take your health and Fitness BACK!!

21 Day Challenge FEATURES:

  • Unlimited Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions
  • One-to-Four Like Minded Fitness and Weight loss team members
  • Motivational & Supportive to Keep You Moving
  • Goal Setting for Healthy Living
  • Done for you Meal Planning to Accelerate Weight Loss Results

The reason our 21 Day Challenge works is because every weight loss program needs a support system.  Unlike the big gyms where you feel like a number.  At My Path Wellness we get to know who you are and guide you to reach your specific fitness and weight loss goals. Every personal trainer has extensive training on how to be supportive, motivating and keep you accountable, while helping you reach your fitness and weight loss goals as fast and sustainable as possible.

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Starts October 23rd, 2017 and ends on November 12th, 2017

Prices will go up October 20th 2017

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  • Together, we create your own support system to reach your fitness and weight loss plan.
  • Group Personal Training from one of our many experienced trainers.
  • Setting & Achieving Goals so you shed those pounds fast and gain your strength back.
  • Feel Great about yourself, the way you look, and because you’re back on the path to living a healthy fulfilling life.

You can achieve your goals, and hopefully become our next 5 star testimonial. No more feeling guilty or ashamed when you look in the mirror. We are going to help you get back on the path to wellness. Stop feeling judged in big box gyms and get the personal service you deserve. We all know that diets don’t help shed pounds in a sustainable and healthy way. Now let’s get started on your 21 Day Challenge.

What made you decide you needed to start a fitness program?

I needed to make a change in my life and finally thought to get started on it.

Had you tried to resolve this issue on you own? If so how was your experience?

I did, but I gave up often and I felt as though I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

What results have you achieved since starting your program? Such as injuries, weight loss, new goals, help with physical therapy, etc

I have definitely had a great experience since starting my program and have noticed a change in how I see working out as more fun rather than something I HAD to do.

Would you recommend us to someone? If so why?

I actually have recommended you guys because of such a great staff and the workouts that are catered to working on what I want in my life and I’m not just another number.

What are 3 benefits of working with on your fitness program?

1) having a better diet 2) working around my schedule 3) understanding my needs as a client

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer

I actually like having a trainer. It definitely helps with keeping me responsible in a way about my health and makes me work hard to not disappoint you guys as trainers.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

I would definitely tell them to think about it and to also think about what other ways they have received any personal training from other places as a comparison. I’ve never had any other training, but I definitely love that this is a one on one type program.

Is there any feedback you’d like to add?

You guys are doing such a wonderful job and I appreciate the work you’re putting into helping me!

After battling breast cancer in 2014, the lumpectomies and radiation left me exhausted. I really wanted to get my body and energy back. I like that My Path addresses everything in detail about the exercises and food. On the fence? Get off the fence. Why wait to start feeling good about your body, your energy, you'll sleep better, you'll be educated on what is good for you and your entire outlook will change for the better. Invest in yourself, it's worth it.

I wanted to be able to run faster, lose body fat but I had pain on the outside of my knee. I'd read and done all kinds of diets and exercises from books but never got where I wanted. Having feedback and adjustments with expertise when I need them my injury resolved, and body fat % keep decreasing. If you are unsure about a program ask yourself, how important to you is your health, well-being, quality of life, now and in the future?

The best way we can sum up our experience at My Path Wellness is amazing. They kept us steady and straight down the path to a better self. We have since lost 78 pounds and continue to firm up every week all thanks to their guidance. We've gained: strength, stamina, energy, muscle tone, self-confidence, and all the information and support we could have ever wanted to help keep the weight off and stay in shape.

Shaekia Butler
Rene Jarmer
Cindy Chan
Paul & Amy
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