Here is a great list of foods from Costco that can help with a weight loss or personal training program. I have included the pictures since this seems to be easier for most people. Also I will give suggestions on what to add to the meals if anything is needed.  Some of these you’ll be able to eat just as is and it will be great.


This Ravioli option is a great one.  It tastes really good and all you have to add to it is a basic marinara sauce and you are all set.


These Chicken Burrito bowls are all balanced on their own.  No need to even add cheese to these.


This one is a great source of protein but does have a little high in carbs.  So if you made a sandwich on a Dave’s Killer bread Powerseed with a little butter, about 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon you’ll be set.


These are a great meal for the morning.  You can have one and it is fully balanced.


This one is a little loaded but it has everything you need.  There are two entrees to choose from, then pick up the rice for the side and the combination between these works great.


These salmon patties (if you like fish) are really good.  Make a sandwich out of them with a high quality bread like Dave’s Killer bread and you’ll be set.


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