So many of us struggle when we come home feeling exhausted and it doesn’t have to be this way, here is what many of us run into at the end of the day.

• Getting home from work exhausted and to tired and stressed to do anything
• Which leads to drinking and eating too much and spending too much time on the couch.
• Going to bed later and later and feeling even more tired in the morning – the vicious cycle continues
• Ending the day, feeling more depressed about our days, adding extra weight and stressing ourselves out more.

Wouldn't it feel so much better to

• Feel revitalized, have more energy and feel happier after work
• Eating good and healthy food and not eating junk food
• Get a surge in energy and feel great about yourself

There is a way.

The Science of 6pm Exhaustion

Our conscious mind likes to fixate on the bad in life. That’s why after a long, exhausting and stressful day, your brain might get stuck in a negative loop - repeating this over and over again. This often makes you feel exhausted, worthless, stressed, tired and wanting to escape.
We try to just ignore this by watching reality TV, or others shows, eating bad foods, drinking too much, or many other distractions.
This just doesn't stop the problem. Our subconscious minds keep running the negative loop in the background, and to make matters worse we add more fuel to the fire by engaging in destructive activities.

No wonder we keep feeling exhausted, depressed and desperate? There is a better way that can work for you.

Your Second Morning

Coming home from work shouldn't be the end of your day. You spent all day working, shouldn’t you enjoy positive activates when you get home. Imagine how much better you’d feel if you could get motivated again and get rid of those negative habits.

Stress Recovery Routine

With this routine you'll get back on track, eliminate unhealthy habits, and feel more positive. It can help you lose weight, be healthy and be more active, and achieve other life goals.
Start immediately this evening and do this daily, immediately after coming home from work.

• As soon as you come home, resist the urge to turn on the TV and go to the kitchen.
• Instead, grab a motivating audiobook (I like Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less) and set a timer for 10, 15 or 30 minutes - depending on what feels comfortable
• Lay down on the couch or bed, close your eyes and focus intently on the audiobook
• When your mind starts to wander: simply refocus back on the words being spoken
• When the timer goes off you might notice that you took a power-nap or stayed awake. Both are just fine.
• After you've done this you will get up, energized, positive and more motivated to start the rest of your evening.

For the best results, set an alarm and/or put a sticky note on your fridge to remind you to do this routine.

Give it a try

Please test it yourself and share your results in the comments.

Fast Food Cheat Sheet

This guide will teach you how to eat fast food and still lose weight at the same time.


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