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Tora Stark
Paul & Amy
Emily Caldwell Physical Therapist
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Holly Denman

I approached Mike at My Path this spring. After having my first child three years ago, I was feeling very unhealthy and unable to move forward. I'd been using intermittent fasting for several years to *maintain* my weight, but was unable to *lose* weight, and I was not very strong. I would get tired after holding my son for just a few minutes.

Now it is late August and I am at a lower weight than I have been since high school. I am strong enough to hold my 30-lb child for a long time before getting tired. Most importantly Mike has taught me how to eat. For real - I feel like I never really understood food before now; what I crave, when, and why, what to eat, how often to eat, *everything*! I feel that I finally have the tools to have control over what I eat. For example, even if I stress-eat half a pizza, I know why it happened, I choose to let it happen, and I know what choices to make to minimize the impact on my body. This is the big piece I was missing in all my previous weight loss efforts. I love how Mike will go over meals with me, point out good choices at fast food places, and bring my attention to trends in my eating that help me suss out what my body wants.

Working out with Blake in the gym is fantastic as well. I love the feeling of getting stronger and Blake is always willing to work with me if a particular movement is tough or I need help.

Also these guys are totally friendly and awesome to hang out with!

The best way we can sum up our experience at My Path Wellness is amazing. They kept us steady and straight down the path to a better self. We have since lost 78 pounds and continue to firm up every week all thanks to their guidance. We've gained: strength, stamina, energy, muscle tone, self-confidence, and all the information and support we could have ever wanted to help keep the weight off and stay in shape.

As a physical therapist, I am so grateful that I met Mike and his team at My Path Wellness! They are an excellent resource for my patients when they have completed their PT to continue to achieve their fitness goals as well as to compliment our efforts in PT. Mike is very knowledgeable and compassionate and this is an excellent place to help you reach your goals to live a healthy lifestyle!

After a back injury caused me to gain weight, I decided to start a program with Mike. Not only have I lost weight, but I've gained muscle mass. Not to mention, the best thing I've taken away is a knowledge of how to maintain and practice a healthier lifestyle. Mike actually cares about you, and I enjoy his program because it's a more personal approach, and it helps me be accountable.

After battling breast cancer in 2014, the lumpectomies and radiation left me exhausted. I really wanted to get my body and energy back. I like that My Path addresses everything in detail about the exercises and food. On the fence? Get off the fence. Why wait to start feeling good about your body, your energy, you'll sleep better, you'll be educated on what is good for you and your entire outlook will change for the better. Invest in yourself, it's worth it.

My original goals were to look better, feel better and feel healthy inside and out. I met my first goals but the goals didn't stop. I kept building upon the first goal it's a new way of living. I am living a healthier life, meeting new people with similar goals, having more energy and getting to wear new clothes. Thank you for being my trainer and keeping me accountable.

My experience is nothing like the stereotypical “personal trainer” experience I imagined. When I met Mike the first time there was no one else was in the gym which was huge to me. My vision of big box gym personal trainers made me hesitant about trying anything. Looking back, I wish I had met My Path Wellness the day I heard the words “You have cancer.” As it is, My Path is helping me “pick up pieces”; some are more difficult than others and not letting me give up on myself. I would say to anyone who is struggling with weight, has a health issue that could be improved by exercise and nutrition to re-evaluate everything in their world and figure out how to make a personal trainer work.