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This baffles me

June 16, 2020

Enter This is certainly not a new thing happening only during COVID, but it’s definitely something I find more...

Your Alcohol Cheat Sheet!

April 01, 2020

In my years working in the health and fitness industry, one of the most common things that I see...

Let’s play a game!

April 01, 2020

Sometimes you’ve just gotta take a light-hearted approach to even the most challenging things! So, I thought it’d be fun...

The #1 thing to do right now

April 01, 2020

In these crazy times, we have a drive and desire to stay informed. We want to know if things are...

Calm in the storm

April 01, 2020

The speed at which our world has just changed is unprecedented and nothing any of us could’ve imagined. But in...