When you feel like your nutrition is on point and you’re hitting the workouts regularly but still not seeing the results you desire, there’s this sneaky little thing that might be holding you back.

It’s way too often overlooked by fitness coaches as well.

You ready?

It’s daily movement.

Sounds kinda boring, right?

Here’s some truth for you…

Even if you’re managing to hit the gym an hour a day 5 times a week, it’s still a VERY small percentage of your overall week.

It’s common for people to be sedentary outside of the gym…even if they’re super committed to their workouts.

And they don’t realize it but it can kill overall results and health.

Kinda sucks, right? L

But it’s true, so let’s work with it.

My best advice?

Find ways to walk and move more.

Walk your dog more frequent longer distances.

Stretch or move while watching TV.

Get a standing treadmill desk.

Whatever it takes to get in more movement.

Your body will be exponentially healthier, you’ll have an easier time shedding fat, and you’ll boost your metabolic rate almost effortlessly.

Let me know your thoughts. Hope this help!


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