What do you eat for Breakfast?

I woke up this morning, before all my family was awake, my 4 kids, wife, dog and cat. I wanted to get some early office work done before going into the gym to start training. But I started to wonder what everyone eats for breakfast in the mornings, do they actually eat breakfast?

Over the years as a trainer, I hear more and more that I don’t have time to eat breakfast so I wait until I get to work to eat, or I wait to eat until lunch. So I wanted to ask you what you eat, have you post it on our blog so that people can reference what people are eating for breakfast.

I know that not everyone eats the same thing I do for breakfast and isn’t odd like me eating the same breakfast day in and day out. So you might be wondering what I am eating for breakfast in the morning every morning.

Well I actually eat about 4 different things that vary depending on the day. But mostly I eat Special K Kellogg’s Protein Flakes with milk. That is my go to at pretty much every breakfast. Sometimes to mix it up I have the Kellogg’s Special K Protein Cinnamon Crunch with milk. Also for a treat I do have French Toast, I get bread from Great Harvest (Cinnamon Burst), then I soak the bread for 10 seconds each side in eggs. I serve it with low sugar syrup and a side of eggs and Hempler’s bacon. I only do this usually once a week and it is after I get done swimming hard for an hour. This isn’t just a regular breakfast. What about you, what are you eating?