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Words of Carrie

Words of Hope


Mike not only gave me the “kick-start” I needed to get back into shape, but the motivation to stick with it. Seeing results at each and every weigh in with his encouragement has kept me in the race to better health.

In 32 weeks I have lost 42 pounds and gone from a size 12/14 to a size 4/6. Changes such as these don’t happen without a coach like Mike to encourage, motivate, guide, and push you along the way with weekly homework and nutrition goals.


Following the sudden death of my husband in 2011 I found myself turning to food for comfort, resulting in a steady weight gain. The stress of trying to loose weight on top of adjusting to my new lifestyle as a single parent was not something I felt like dealing with and I allowed the weight gain to continue, hiding under baggy clothes and becoming more and more of a couch potato.

The truth is that working with Mike was one of the best decisions I made. I have not only lost 40 pounds, I have regained that energy that I had lost and a body that I feel more comfortable in – the outside matches how I feel on the inside! He has helped me work on my nutrition, explaining to me WHY I should eat what I do and offering examples and alternatives to allow me to still love what I eat. He asked me the first day I met him what my goals were and continues to work with me making sure we accomplish them. He is very good at gently pushing me to push myself.


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