Fast Food Mistake Takeover

Yesterday I talked about, you've never probably ever been taught to eat at fast food. You have just heard what's good and what's not from friends or googled it.

The problem is there are a lot of flaws with these choices.

A lot of times these are based on people guessing at what is healthy and what isn't. I hear all the time I only ordered a salad when I went through drive through.

Here is a great example of thinking you're making a good choice, but you could make a better one and it might taste better too.

Burger kind has a salad that has 870 calories with a whopping 635 of those calories coming from fat.

Excerpt from Foundations of Fast Food:

"Ordering the Whopper Jr. sandwich and replace the mayonnaise with ketchup and mustard you'll only get 240 calories and 90 calories from fat. This saves you 630 calories and 545 calories of fat."

This is the reason that just guessing at what is healthy, googling it or getting advice from your friends probably isn't going to get you the outcome you're looking for, weight loss.

Learning how to eat at Fast Food can become really easy, just by learning what is in the foods, what they actually mean and before you know it, you will have Fast Food under your control rather than feeling out of control when you go eat out.

Now that you have the Fast Food cheat sheet you may be asking yourself, what am I supposed to be doing with this exactly.

You may be a little overwhelmed on why these items were chosen.

What happens when a new item comes on the menu, how do I figure this out.

This cheat sheet is a good start to moving you in the right direction.

Taking courses like the Foundations of Fast Food will make eating at fast food a game changer.

Make sure to keep a copy that you can easily access on your phone, I know that a lot of clients like to screen shot the cheat sheet or save in a folder on their phone for quick reference.

The next step is to make a plan before you go eat out but what happens when you get tripped up?

Why do we always seem to have the best of intentions, but before we know it, we are making a bad choice?

This happens more often than not for a lot of people, like you.

Tomorrow I will fill you in on how to solve this.

Yours in Fast Food Health,