We aren’t putting you on a diet. The 21 Day KickStart Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive plan with proven results. At My Path Wellness, when it come to diets, one size does not fit all. We customize every KickStart Weight Loss Program to your needs for optimal results. If you are looking for a progressive weight loss training solution, you’ve come to the right place. Join us and KickStart your fitness and weight loss program. Let’s take back those inches together.

21 Day KickStart FEATURES:

  • Consultation Goal Planning Session
  • Two Personal Training Sessions a Week (Total of 6 Session)
  • One-On-One Personal Training for Optimal Results
  • Motivational & Supportive to Keep You Moving
  • Nutrition Counseling for Healthy Living
  • Meal Planning to Accelerate Weight Loss Results

The reason our 21 Day KickStart Program works is because every weight loss program at My Path Wellness is customized to your specific body type and goals. Every personal trainer has extensive training on how to be supportive and motivating, to help keep you accountable, while helping you reach your weight loss goals as fast and sustainable as possible.


*21 Day KickStart Program begins on your 1st one-on-one appointment.


*Regularly $599

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  • Together, we create your very own custom weight loss plan.
  • Personal Training from one of our many experienced trainers.
  • Setting & Achieving Goals so you shed those pounds fast.
  • Feel Great about yourself, the way you look, and because you’re back on the path to living a healthy fulfilling life.

You can achieve your goals, and hopefully become our next 5 star testimonial. No more feeling guilty or ashamed when you look in the mirror. We are going to help you get back on the path to wellness. Stop feeling judged in big box store gyms and get the personal training you deserve. We all know that diets don’t help shed pounds in a sustainable and healthy way. Now let’s get started and KickStart your weight loss.