Here are the Dairy Queen Nutrition Facts on the foods we'd suggest at My Path Wellness in a Personal Training Program. Make sure to look at how we have items selected as these items needed to be modified to make most of them work. The great thing about Dairy Queen is that there is a meal item on the kids menu that we saw that would be a good selection. Again with the foods that we are suggesting, these are just periodic suggestions when you are in a pinch. This isn’t to be used on a daily basis as you will be missing out on much need nutrients and getting more sodium than you truly need. Take a look at this and give us any of your feedback, even share this with you friends on Facebook.

Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack Melt

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken BLT

Chicken Garden Greens

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Kansas City BBQ Pull Pork

Kids LiveWell Menu

Kids Meal with a hamburger

Salad Dressings and Condiments