So you completed the quiz, did you get all the answers right? Fast food is one of the more confusing places to find food to eat.  We understand the struggles of having to decide to eat out or not.  Too many sports games to get to, working long hours and not giving ourselves enough time to cook food or have foods prepared for us.

Here are the answers to the questions to the quiz.  I know you might be wondering why this or that food we chose is better than the other.  Take a look at the answers and we will explain why we choose certain foods over other foods.

1. What is the best McDonald’s breakfast choice?


The Egg McMuffin is the winner on this one.  The reason we picked this one, is it is the most well rounded meal option with a good source of protein.  The sausage biscuit is primarily only fats and carbohydrates with very little protein.  The breakfast burrito was close but the Egg McMuffin too the place.  The burrito is higher in fats by 10% more fats because of the sausage that they put in there.

2. What is the best food at Starbucks?

The Chicken & Double-Smoked Bacon is our winner here.  We picked this one since it is loaded with protein, a good amount of fats and not too many carbohydrates.  Making this the most balance one of the three.  The Ham & Cheese Croissant is close to 50% in fats, low in carbohydrates yes, but too low for what the ideal meal is.  The Plain Bagel and cream cheese is almost completely lacking in any protein at all, this is a must in every meal.  Since it is so low in protein it loses out in the race.

3. What is the Healthiest Starbucks Drink?

The Iced Caramel Macchiato is the Winner. Can you believe this was the winner with this.  Let me explain it’s actually quite balanced, having the protein, carbohydrates and the right amount of fats. The Strawberry smoothie sounds like it would be the best option.  It is 80% in carbohydrates, that only least 20% for protein and fats, which is way too low.  Lastly the Coffee Light Frappuccino Coffee is even worse with the carbohydrates, it has over 85% in carbohydrates and 0% in fats.  Very imbalanced and will give you an insulin spike if you want one.

4. Healthiest food to choose at Taco Bell?

The Burrito Supreme wins this one. This one is one of my go to items on the menu if I am in a pinch.  It is one of the best items overall on the menu at Taco Bell.  The Beefy 5-Layer Burrito stating not enough room for lettuce should be your first red flag.  But in all honesty, it was close, but the fats on this one are a tad bit too high, but the protein is lacking, being only at 15%.  The Power Veggie burrito was also very close but a similar situation, a little high in fats but very low in protein, going under 15%.  So next time you order at Taco Bell eat the Burrito Supreme.

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