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Unlike bigger gyms that leave you feeling unsure and insecure, My Path Wellness provides a safe, positive and judgement-free experience to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals - either individually or in a group!

Personal Training

Private and professional 1-on-1 instruction proven to help with weight loss, cardio, muscle-building, injury prevention and injury rehab. Our friendly trainers tailor and individualize your fitness program to your personal goals and challenges.

Starting at $45/Session

Group Fitness

Professionally led fitness classes specifically designed for 2-6 clients that focus on improving cardio, shedding weight, building muscle, avoiding new injuries and rehabbing old ones. We offer classes at all levels so anyone - regardless of fitness level or ability - can enjoy the encouragement and motivation that comes with a group workout. Perfect for couples looking to get in shape!

Starting at $10/Session

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Time-tested plans from our health experts that combine healthy eating with workouts specifically targeted for weight loss. Our Nutrition Counseling is designed around your dietary preferences and needs to create a sustainable behavior change. Build the body you want and keep it for the long term.

Starting at $25/Session


"I like that My Path addresses everything in detail about the exercises and food. The nutrition is explained in nitty gritty detail and helps me understand how to eat healthy and not feel deprived..." Read More

- Rene

Alternative Services

Massage Therapy

A great tool for fitness, training and overall wellness, Massage Therapy improves circulation, relieves stress and more!


Perfect for relieving pain and headaches, our professional acupuncturist will have you feeling your best.

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