It’s no secret that the New Year brings on new inspiration and desire for health.

I don’t need to say it again, but I will remind you that less than 10% will still be pursuing their resolution within just a few months.

I believe that one of the reasons people fall off the wagon is because of the all or none mindset.

Thinking it has to be all health or nothing at all is a guarantee for failure.

One of the top reasons people struggle with sticking to healthy habits is because of the intensity of our cravings.

Manufactured foods are literally designed to be addictive to us with all kinds of chemicals, sugars, and fats. 

It’s natural that cravings are going to arise. The good news is that the more you eat healthy foods that came directly from the Earth (and not boxes and bags), the more the cravings subside.

So, today I wanted to share 5 ways that I personally navigate cravings so that they don’t get the best of me long term:

  1. Create space in your plan for the foods you love – whether it’s cookies, pizza, ice cream – whatever! Plan to eat that stuff in a reasonable serving size a few times a week. Not depriving yourself is actually the key to staying on track.

  2. Pull out your portions – let’s say you love potato chips. Don’t bring the bag with you to the couch. I don’t have to tell you how easy it is to make a bag of chips disappear! Instead, take 1 portion and leave the rest in the cabinet.

  3. Don’t bring your trigger foods into your home at all. If it’s not available as cravings arise, I PROMISE you those intense cravings will pass and you’ll get past them with ease because you couldn’t just run to the fridge and appease them. J

  4. Experience eating. I know this sounds weird but so many of us eat in distraction whether it’s in front of the TV or while driving. You can eat hundreds of calories without paying attention or even enjoying any of it. Sitting down and paying attention to your foods and enjoying every bite is a great way to indulge and actually appreciate it!

  5. Make sure it’s worth it. When you indulge a few times a week, be sure it’s not mindless and that it’s something you REALLY want.

I hope this helps!


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