How often I have heard, been a part of the excitement/nervousness of starting a new diet. The excitement for the results but the nervous feeling of having to give up so much of the foods you love. But it’s a small sacrifice you think, I can do anything for a month or two. If I can lose 20 lbs, I can do this.

It is so energizing to hear that excitement for so many, it is why the diet industry is so huge. In a year the diet and weight loss programs account for $33 billion.

There is an issue with all these programs. BARRIERS…

What happens when your kid gets sick, your dog gets sick, you get hurt, stay at work too late, your best friend you haven’t seen in over a year wants to visit. If you look at the last year, especially where I live, the pandemic happens, fires, ice storms, flooding, etc. How do you manage these barriers?

Where in your diet does it take into account our real life. What actually happens and how to work with it. Rather than feeling like a failure yet again that you couldn’t stick to the program. 

This is why accepting that there are barriers to success. Instead of hoping they just don’t come up. Because they will come up, again and again. Vacations happen, obstacles come about, be okay with it and make a plan.

What barriers have made you give up or fail at a weight loss program?

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