Years before I because a health and wellness coach I had a huge struggle, felt debilitating. 

I felt sick, always feeling terrible. My stomach just hurt, felt like no matter what I ate, my stomach hurt.

I read and researched as much as I could but all the tips and tricks I was reading just didn't work. I finally had to go the route of going to see my doctor to see what was up. 

I was referred to go to see a GI doctor and after talking with him for a short bit about my symptoms I was told I needed a colonoscopy. I was so young though, I was in my early 20's being told I needed a colonoscopy freaked me out!

I know these are important but it felt like this was the first line of defense from this doctor. I asked if there were other options, he said this is what he recommeded. For me if I am given only one option from someone I tend to not listen to them very well. I want options.

I went on dealing with this problem for a bit longer, before I reached out to my doctor again to get a referral. I went in to see a new GI doctor but was more specific, that I wanted help sorting out what what going on before I went straight to a colonoscopy. 

His recommendation was the dreaded, log your food. It'll help show you what you are eating and you can go back and see what may be causing the symptoms. I was reluctant but I wanted resutls, I wanted this fixed.

As I started logging my food I had no real idea what I was looking for. I researched for what I was looking for, what I might be looking for. Now this was way before all the confusion of gluten free, egg free, wheat free, sugar is bad, trans fats are bad, etc.

As I started logging I saw what I was actually eating, patterns and cycles. Then it hit me, I found out what it was. I started slowly by removing more and more of it and it went away. This was 15 years ago and I know if I ever eat this, I will have stomach issues. 

Since then I have found multiple foods that I am sensitive to, and that my body reacts really well to and deals with really well.

What are your reasons why you don't like to log food? A pain in the A$$? Don't want to see it? Afraid of feeling judged, by who though (yourself)?

As I always tell my clients I will never judge you by what you eat, I will teach you and show you how to do it and what you can do to work around issues just like these.

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