Because February is the month of love, I want to offer a unique challenge to you.

First, I want you to write a list of the things you love about yourself.

About how you look…

About who you are…

About how you treat other people…

About what you’ve accomplished…

The list can be as long as you want it to be.

Side note: if you struggle with this, it’s even more important that you complete this exercise.

Once you’ve completed your list, I want you to stand in front of a mirror and read the list aloud, glancing into your own eyes so you can see and feel the truth of it all.

Deep breaths as you move through it without rushing.

Even feel free to close your eyes as you allow the emotion of those things you love about yourself to sweep through your body and amplify.

Do this every day for at least a week.

Feel free to add to the list at any time.

Until you do this exercise, you can’t imagine how powerful it will be.

So, will you trust me and do this?

I hope so.

Because loving yourself more is the key to making progress in so many other areas of life.

Let me know how this goes or what comes up for you once you’ve completed the exercise, ok?

I can’t wait to celebrate you. <3


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