What is the farthest you have traveled to? What were some of the challenges that it brought to you for your fitness program and your diet? I have asked a lot of clients over the years what their struggles have been and what they've needed help with when they travel.  

Surprisingly that most people when they travel for leisure tend to do better in foreign countries. There is less fast food and more adventures to be had. So they tend to stay more active. Also most places you travel to you end up doing way more walking than you do in the states.  

For those that travel for business it tends to be much more of a struggle. They tend to have their meals planned out, and their days are booked up full of meetings where they tend to sit around a lot and exercise is a challenge to put in after a long day.  

So what are some tips on how to overcome and enjoy your travels and prevent yourself from going backwards with your fitness and nutrition program?

  1. Ask the front desk for a close place to walk to for an early breakfast or a late night dinner. This will give you a chance to explore the area, try some local foods and get out moving.
  2. Find out ahead of time what your free time will look like and ask the hotel to get you set up on a tour during your free time. If you set this up before you travel, it is more likely you will do it since its already been booked. Also then you have an excuse to step away from an unscheduled meeting.
  3. Lastly, check out your local guide book before your travel to find quick and easy places to visit that are close by. Be adventurous and learn about a different culture than yours. 

Let us know what other tips you may have done to help you keep you on track.


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