It’s easy to get caught up in “not enough.”

Not having enough money or the perfect job or the body you want.

Experiencing scarcity and lack is easy in a world where it seems like everyone has it “more together” than you do.

Unfortunately, putting ourselves in that negative mindset only perpetuates the scarcity.

Over the last few decades, it’s actually been proven through research studies that living in a state of gratitude changes us on a neurological level.

Gratitude makes us happier, and when we are happier, we:

  • Have more impactful relationships
  • Are perceived as a kinder, more compassionate, empathetic person
  • Experience less symports of physical pain and illness
  • Just feel better and stave off symptoms of depression, insomnia, and anxiety that’ve become so common

The truth is that the more you practice gratitude the healthier and happier you’ll be – because your brain is actually changing due to the gratitude.

One of the easiest ways to maintain a state of gratitude is to start or end each day by jotting down 3 things you’re grateful for in a journal. Allow yourself to visualize and experience the emotion of those things in your life.

Come back to that journal when you feel fear, doubt, and scarcity creeping in and remind yourself how much you truly have to be grateful for.

Happy Holidays to you!


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