So I was researching and reading up on how much people pay on weight loss.

I figured it would be a few thousand dollars over a period of a lifetime. Then after I started to read how much people actually spend I was a little shocked.

Think about all that you may have spent to lose weight.

- > Gym membership

- > Ready made meals

- > Workout videos

- > Diet programs like Weight Watchers

- > Books

- > Gym clothing and accessories

- > Exercise equipment

- > Workout plans

- > Supplements

- > Group workouts

- > Cooking equipment

- > Protein Shakes

- > Bars

- > The list goes on

Have you spent money on any of these?

I know I've spend money on these, and a lot of people I've worked with over the years have as well.

So what is the amount people on AVERAGE spend on weight loss.

Over $111,000 in a lifetime and that number is climbing as more services and programs are coming out.

This was shocking to me and I understand why people do it. They are told over and over again by people that get results what they did.

The question is, how many people follow up with that person a month later or a year later.

If what I found only 10% of those people will keep the weight off longer than a year.

This has to change and there needs to be a different better way to do this.


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