I have been training for coming up on 7 years. I was unfortunate to have a major accident early in my career as a trainer. A car pulled out in front of us on the highway when we were going 55 mph. We ended up colliding into the side of their car. Being in this terrible car accident i broke both shoulders, two broken ribs and bruised heart.

The green car was the car I was in, on the passenger side. The black one was the other persons car.






Before this I was a run of the mill personal trainer. I worked you out as hard as I could and could care less if you had injuries or much about your nutrition.

After my accident, I started to study more and was made to do physical therapy. My first therapist was what I would say uneducated. She was very nice and we got along well. Though going through two months of physical therapy with little to no improvement in my shoulders I gave up. Until a good friend of mine and a great massage therapist recommended I try her physical therapist.

I went to my therapist and within two weeks my range of motion had improved. Then continued to improve with time. I asked my physical therapist if I could shadow him sometime, as I thought that being a physical therapist might be a good career to go into. After learning from him what a physical therapist job it, I decided against it. On the other hand I decided to learn how to help people avoid physical therapy or to transition out of physical therapy.

I inevitably had to have surgery on my left shoulder and had to go through another year and a half of physical therapy off and on to get back to 95% of my range of motion in my one shoulder. I could never have learned and enjoyed what I do now if I didn’t have to go through all of this.


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