Many of you may not know that a lot of people don't know how to swim or think they are too old to learn to swim. As a personal trainer in Milwaukie, we've had quite a few clients come through that haven't swam since they were kids or never really learned how to do it. 

So taking it up ourselves at My Path Wellness we started doing research and looked at how we could help bring something like this to our clients and non-clients. What we discovered is that there is a group called the Masters Swim that is at the Clackamas Aquatic Center. Here is a place for people to learn to swim, find out how to swim again or just want a new exercise routine. 

After our first year in business back in 2011 we had a few clients that wanted to try something new, a triathlon. So we connected them to the Master Swim team at the Clackamas Aquatic Center. We found it to be a great addition to any exercise routine. Contact them to learn more details. 

We have found that swimming works very well for our beginner personal training clients in Milwaukie and help those dealing with injuries or trying to lose weight. 


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