Here is a list of foods and drinks at Starbucks. and Starbucks Nutrition Facts, that would work with any personal training or weight loss program.  Make sure to click the links to see if there is whip cream or not.  As some of the items are changed when you go to the link.  Again these are when you are in a pinch and need to find something to eat.  This isn’t food you will want to eat day in and day out to lose weight or feel at the top of your health.  Though these will start to make you feel better if you have been eating or drinking any of the other items on the menu.

Also, share this with your friends or family.  We all know people that are in need of finding good foods to eat.  This will help any of them.



Bottled Drinks


Freshly Brewed Coffee

Starbucks Espresso Beverages


Download Starbucks Nutrition Facts pdf here


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