Okay I know most of you come here to learn about Fitness and Nutrition, or you work with a personal trainer her in Portland. But so many times we eat foods or cook foods with garlic in it. 

​So we figured we give you a few tips on how to remedy the bad breath of garlic that can linger all day long. Surprisingly these remedies work really well, from experience and research on my own.

1. Drink Lemon Juice

​This one surprisingly was the quickest working one of all of these. I took a little shot of this about an ounce and immediately noticed my garlic breath was all but gone. Okay so I'd eaten a really garlic heavy meal so I took two shots and I stopped getting complaints about my breath. I was down right shocked how well it work.

2. Eat an Apple

​So this one didn't work as well but it did work. If you think about after you cut an apple, after a bit of time it starts to turn brown. Well from what I have researched this is the enzymes in the apple breaking it down. The same kind of enzymes that help to neutralize that garlic breath. 

I hope that these two tricks help you with your garlic breath in the future. My wife, kids and clients thank me for this.​


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