Over the past 14 years working with women, one of the biggest challenges for them is the lack of support.

I hear so many times that they are working to reach a goal of getting healthier, they are motivated, ready to go. Then reality sets in and they feel alone. Whether they don’t have a community to lean on, or their partner in ways self sabotages them.

This unfortunately is all too common. I am in a lot of support groups for men and women trying to lose weight and this is very typical.

Firstly, I want to point this out, I want you to know you aren’t alone. This happens to women more often than not. 🙁

Is there any way to overcome this so I can actually reach my goals?

Yes, there are tools you can use to help you reach your goals even in these situations. This is a different approach than anything else out there, I will be honest with you on this.

Stop trying to eat so differently than what you are already eating.

I've found women on restrictive diets, it affects their life so much and their partners life.

When you start to eat the foods you already eat and learn how to do it, all a sudden everything changes. Ever so slightly that even your partner doesn’t know that there are changes. You don’t feel deprived or restricted, nor do they.

I had a client tell me the other day, "it is crazy I have been losing weight and I still can eat anything I want to eat".

This is the point of it all, if you learn to eat what you already are eating. You know what and how to eat within your lifestyle.

This sounds too simple and too easy to do. I am going to be straightforward with you, it isn’t easy, but it is easy. The hard part is being honest with yourself on what you are eating and what is in that food.

So many times I see someone log food in a journal and they find the lowest calorie option, or the lowest carb option. This is a lie and not the truth on what you are eating.

It is why so many women will go on a diet and feel defeated. Have you said this before, "I eat so well, I keep my calories down to lose weight but I don’t or I gain". It is most likely the food you are actually putting down is wrong. So overestimate, double the foods you log, if you don’t know exactly what you are eating.

So coming back to the support, it's much easier for someone to support you when it doesn’t affect their life. They tend to be more encouraging and might get on board. If they aren’t on board, no way are you going to convenience them with that kale salad. Sorry not gonna happen.

If you are still struggling with that support, hire a coach.

Working with someone that isn’t affected by your choices. Can guide you, be honest with you and get you the resources. This is when changes in your healthy can improve and get you feeling good in your skin again.

Fast Food Cheat Sheet

This guide will teach you how to eat fast food and still lose weight at the same time.


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