I really like eating meal delivery systems like Blue Apron, Freshly and Dinnerly. 

These are some of the best ones to be able to have because you can just grab the food, follow the recipe and make it.

The downside to them is a lot of times the foods end up having too much fat in them. What I do is keep the butter because it adds a lot of flavor to the foods so I don’t like to get rid of that. If it is asking for 2 tablespoons I will reduce it to 1.

The recipes ask you to put in 2-4 tablespoons of olive oil or vegetable oil. You can substitute this out with using an oil spray or buy a oil spray bottle (you can buy this on Amazon). Doing this little step can help you out with getting less calories.

If you do things like this you get to have a good home cooked meal. You also get to learn how to cook with new foods you may not have known how to cook with before.

They come with great recipes so you can make it again. You can continue to make changes to make it your own. Now it makes it easier for you to plan meals for the weeks ahead.

I know a lot of my clients utilized services like these. Making small changes, reducing the fats, now you are making restaurant style foods.

They are delicious and healthier!

Here's a couple of the different ones that I have tried that I've enjoyed.

Hello Fresh: This one is a family favorite, easy to cook and their produce and meats are fresh.

Blue Apron: They are a little more complicated with their recipes. You may need to have some extra ingredients. Make sure to review the recipe before to make sure you have them.

Freshly: These ones are not your typical one as you don't need to prepare them. They have to heat them up in the microwave or oven. 

Dinnerly: Like the others, but one of the least expensive ones to try.

Home Chef: This one you can find at the Kroger family grocery stores if you want to try a one off. Their meals are very basic and easy, very few ingredients but taste good.

Tell me about your experience with these.

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