I've been asked this questions and come up against this struggles for many women.

They are trying to eat better, working to make some great new choices. Feeling great about their new found motivation and they're sticking to the plan.

Then the stomach starts to hurt...

It isn't just uncomfortable, it actually starts to become quite painful. You can get some relief for a short bit, then it just comes right back.

It can be embarrassing, you may even cancel doing things because it has gotten so bad.

Worse yet, you sign up with a program like Nutrisystem and pay a lot of money for the food. All to be in so much pain and discomfort you just can't keep up with it. Your second order comes and now you're out $$$.

All because of a little thing that no one really talks about or even thinks about.


Specifically certain kinds of Fiber, Oat Fiber, Corn Fiber, Inulin, Chicory Root.

If you look at the nutrition facts of foods you're eat, if the fiber it really high, move to looking at the ingredients and see if it has any one of these.

If it does, this is most likely the problem.

I know this is a sensitive one to come raising your hand up and saying, I had this problem. But this is so so common. I am on a lot of weight loss groups on Facebook and almost daily someone posts this issue.

You're not alone, this is so so common.

I hope this helps give you some new insight that you may not have known before.


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