Before I starting being a coach I was in banking, I ran a bank downtown Portland. It was one of the largest bank branches with the organization I worked with.

I remember I'd wake up late to get to work, ended up just grabbing something to eat on the way into the branch. Working downtown I had a quite a few choices, there were carts everywhere to grab food from.

I munch something down grab a large Pepsi and then head into the branch. Get everything setup for the day. Greet all the employees, make the plan for the day, review who all was working that day, then come sit down on my desk.

It always felt like I was we were short staffed, which we were, I was the only one in management, I didn't have a sales person, or a team lead. So I was left to doing pretty much everything. Most days I would sit at my desk for the whole day, getting up every once in awhile for a bathroom break, or to help out with one of my tellers.

I tracked my steps one day and I typically would only get about 3000 for the whole day. Then came the lunch break, I would be mentally drained by lunch time, since all I was doing was eating chips, cookies, trail mix, or some mix of the sorts. Drinking my Pepsi, and potentially at a break go get another large Pepsi.

So when lunch would come around, like I said, I was drained from making decisions all day long, I rarely would pack a lunch, so off to the carts I'd go again. Getting any kind of food that sounded good, rush back to the office, minutes later, whatever the food I ate was gone, next Pepsi was done too.

Back to the snacking to keep myself awake, drinking more Pepsi then off to the grind of driving home. Luckily I didn't live too far way, only would take me 30-45 minutes to get home.

I'd come in change out of my suit, crash on the couch, and think, what should I eat for dinner....

Make food, yeah right...I would be like, Taco Bell, yes please. Burger King sure, it was quick, it was easy and why not. I was too tired to make something on my own. Oh and I had to make a better choice than Pepsi so I'd get the sweet tea wherever I went to eat. That was healthier right... 🙁

Off to sleep and then repeat, then next 4 days for the week.

I tell you this story, because I get it, it is difficult in any number of situations to make good choices. Where do you start, I tried a few diets, none of them lasted. It was just way easier to grab those quick and convenient foods than to do all that prep work. Plus less decisions.

This was just the start of my weight gain, I wouldn't take pictures after this, and deleted so many photos, I wish I hadn't, so many memories lost.


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