I grew up as a grocery kid, following my dad to grocery stores. I saw what marketing was like in grocery stores without even realizing it. What was being put on the shelves and how things sold.

Going in stores with my father, going in back rooms, the storage rooms, the meat department, etc. Getting to see all those new things that I didn’t know about have actually been so helpful for me now.

As a coach I would give strict diets and tell them what to eat and what they couldn't eat. I didn’t understand what their struggles were because I didn’t have kids, I was single and I had a lot of free time on my hands.

As I started shopping for my family, not for myself, I tried to find what are easy foods I can feed my family. I started to understand the struggle of so many. This is when I started to look at foods for the better at the grocery store.

You hear programs say, stay on the outside when you go grocery shop, don’t ever go down those aisles in the middle. I’m going to tell you there are ways of being able to do this!

We all know that we have busier and busier lives. Our plates are full that making another decision is challenging. This is why foods that are actually in the aisles make life easier.

With having 4 kids myself trying to figure out what I’m going to feed them, I get it. Something that everyone will eat is a huge struggle. Finding something quick and easy I can eat and my kids can too.

I don't want to tell them, you have to eat this or you don’t get dinner, not for me. I never was wanting to do that as a parent, so I had to find a different way of doing this. Being a parent you get to have more flexibility in what you feed your kids.

You can make good and healthy meal, let your kids learn by example but it doesn't mean they have to eat the foods you eat. That's why I find things that are easy and convenient for the kids and adults when we are too busy.

I know these aren’t organic and the perfect choices you can make, but hell what are you eating when you go out any way?

You start to learn better options for yourself and then start to pass that down to the kids. We all know kids don’t like to eat vegetables and kids don’t like to eat certain foods that are very picky eaters.

This is why I have made lists of foods that aren’t like other diets out there. I want to give you something that is manageable and easy to get started with.

I know personal trainers and nutrition coaches are SHOCKED when I tell people to eat these foods. They can’t believe I would do such a thing, but this works and helps people out so much.

If you want my free guide of the Top 25 Inside Aisle Foods. Comment below or send me a PM.


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