Baby Owen has arrived

The Wee Baby OwenMy Son Owen was delivered last Thursday the 10th.  He was delivered a little earlier than we wanted but my wife is a fighter as is Owen. They both did a wonderful job and are both getting stronger and stronger each and every day. Both my wife and I were exhausted so I called upon my father to come and be the first baby sitter for Owen. As you can see he is a very proud and happy grandfather.

We were able to bring him home on Friday and he was introduced to our three other children. All of the kids have fallen in love with him immediately. My daughter asks every day to have him lay next to her.  Both boys ask continuously to hold him and are very sweet and gentle with him. We took Owen in on Monday to have his newborn check up and he is very healthy and happy baby.  He is the easiest baby so far for us, he sleeps through the night with little interruptions and is very peaceful throughout the day.  We are fortunate to have him as a part of our family.  I will post a picture of Owen in his personal training uniform soon, so be ready to be trained by him in no time.  🙂

Baby Owen