Many clients over the years have asked, ‘do you always eat perfectly?’  I would say 80% of the time I eat well, the other 20% of the time I do not eat very well.  As many of my clients have heard, I do like to eat at places like Taco Bell every once in awhile.  I do have frozen foods every once in awhile, I eat a donut here and there, I go to places like Red Robin, etc.

The follow up questions I get asked is, ‘if you eat like that how come you don’t struggle with your weight?’  There is one big difference to how I eat when I have a treat like these.  One is that I only have it periodically, I do not have it on a every day occurrence.  The other reason why is what I have with those foods and or how I pair them with other foods.  I’ve learned from nutrition that we subconsciously choose to eat foods based off of what our bodies need.  So I worked over the years to try and figure out a formula to make it that my subconscious brain doesn’t make the decision but my conscious brain makes the decisions.  When I figured out this formula I learned why I have cravings and how to avoid them or go with it and re-calibrate after doing so. I learned that making small adjustments to foods I can have a treat and I don’t continue on the path of eating out of control.

When I meet with clients and ask about their nutrition I always ask them about their cravings and look at a formula that I teach that helps them to understand how to work through this.  It is amazing to see them days after meeting with me and them coming back saying they don’t have cravings like they use to, and when they do and its explained to them it makes sense and they learn to adjust the next time it comes up.

I had a client the other day say all they wanted to eat was frosting from a cake, not the actual cake.  Also they wanted to chips, didn’t matter what kind of chips.  As we talked and I found out what they were eating, we found out that they weren’t having enough fats in their diet.  We made the adjustment and two days later, they no longer had those cravings.  It always amazes me how quickly it works and how much of a benefit it does for clients.

What cravings do you have?  When do you have them?


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