Sometimes we are out working in the yard, working out, and playing with kids or grand kids. We usually will feel these aches and pains in our low back, knees, shoulder to name a few.  If we just go right out to these activities your likelihood of pulling a muscle is much higher.

I go swimming once a week and we always start with a short swim of just a few laps to warm up. It is very easy pace, we can rest at the end of each lap if needed just to get ourselves warmed up. Especially being in the cold water it is a really good idea to take it easy at first.  As some of you may know, I’ve broke both shoulders and a collarbone.  So when I first start to swim, my shoulders do not feel very good.  After that little warm up my shoulders loosen up and I don’t feel the tightness anymore and can go on with my swimming routine.  Coming from experience, warming up is essential to all of your activities, you just need to find out what is right for you.

So here are a few things to do to help you get warmed up. First get some light movement, like walking, butt kicks, arm swings, etc.  Just to get loosened up. After a bit of doing this you’ll start to feel your internal body temperature increase.  Once this happens you are probably warmed up and have lessened your chance of injury.  Pretty simple right?

Since at My Path Wellness we are about working with exercise we have added a link to download a free 10 minute warm up guide.  Download it to get some good ideas, you don’t need any equipment which is great.  Comment below and let us know what you think and if you’d like more like this.

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