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There’s a reason they call it the “core.” Yes, it is the physical core of your body–your center mass. But more importantly, having solid core strength and constitution protects your vital organs and supports all ranges of motion and activity. Here’s how.

Supports the Lower Back

Your back supports your body, but what supports your back? Answer: your core. Developing a strong core helps prevent back pain and injury, ensures the smooth transfer of energy across the body, and helps improve posture, which in turn will also help prevent back pain.

Improves Breathing

This is another benefit that goes hand-in-hand with improved posture. Improving your posture by strengthening your core aligns your internal organs, particularly your breathing muscles such as the diaphragm and intercostals, which allows you to breathe more deeply and easily.

Tightens Waistline

There are various long-term health risks associated with a wider waist circumference. Improving core strength can slim down your waistline, which is both healthy and nice to look at. Everybody appreciates a solid set of washboard abs.

For exercises and tips on how to best improve your core strength, give My Path Wellness a call at 503-922-2951!


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Don’t wait for what you want

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