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Many of us have been there–we were young, we were in college, and man could we put away some hardcore drinks. We didn’t just party with the best of them, we were the best of them.

But now it’s five years later and we’re not the best of them anymore. And that means our metabolism isn’t the best, either. And for some of us, drinking alcohol just isn’t fun like it used to be. So for all of us, it’s either time to cut down or cut it out altogether. Below are some ways your life can improve when you toss the sauce.

Get Your Brain Back

When you’ve been drinking for a long time, your mind becomes foggy. You’re probably forgetful, or not as motivated as you used to be, or you have trouble putting all your thoughts into all the right words. Once you quit drinking, these issues can begin to clear up as early as the following day. Your brain will begin to repair itself and you will begin to have a brighter outlook on life, which will, in turn, make your life better all around.

Love Your Love Life

Without alcohol, you’re more energetic. Being energetic is good in bed. You’ll have more fun, your partner will have more fun, maybe you’ll even try those new things you’ve always wanted to try. Without alcohol to dull your emotions, you can truly experience the feelings of being intimate with your special someone.

Be Beautiful Again

Alcohol tightens your skin and causes you to age prematurely. Quitting alcohol allows your skin to heal and that youthful glow to return. Also, without alcohol, you’ll cut out thousands upon thousands of empty calories a year, which will help you lose excess weight. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better about how much better you look, which will then make you feel better about everything.

Your Liver Will Start to Heal

Your liver will start to repair itself generally four to eight weeks after you quit drinking, but it can also start just days after. A healthy liver contributes to all the above benefits and also lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

These are just some of the many benefits to cutting alcohol from your life. There are no long-term downsides to doing this. You will have a new lease on life, your relationships will deepen, and facing life’s challenges head-on will ultimately feel more rewarding.


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