5 Quick, Easy, Appetizing Healthy Breakfasts

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, and eating healthy while on a time crunch is even less so. But as I edge closer and closer to my dreaded fifth-year-in-a-row of turning 25, I understand more than ever just how important a healthy diet is, especially with my early-to-rise/late-to-bed lifestyle. I have been looking into some quick and healthy eats, and here are some I found around the internet that look and sound particularly appetizing.

5-Minute Multigrain Cereal

Admittedly, the picture looks a little bland, but raisins and cinnamon often go underappreciated as flavor. I’d also wager that you could add a little brown sugar. Or, y’know… maybe a little chocolate…

Apple Mug Muffin in 2 Minutes

Yes, I understand that this is labeled as a dessert, but it has apples for fiber, nuts for protein, and syrup for a sweet kick. That’s breakfast food. Boom. AND you can make it in the microwave—thus the mug—which saves plenty of time.

Italian Baked Eggs

Marinara sauce, cheese, and eggs. It’s like a breakfast pizza in a cup. Portable breakfast pizza. And it only takes 15 minutes to make, so you could bake it while you finish readying for your day, let it cool a minute, and then take it out the door with you!

5-Minute Microwave Apple Cinnamon Crumble For One

Yes, I know, another dessert. I promise I was searching for “quick and healthy breakfasts.” But, really, what’s better than a healthy breakfast? A healthy dessert that you can eat for breakfast. Make sure to serve this one warm for a caramel-y treat.

Vanilla Ricotta Banana Toast with Pistachios

Toast is great. Who doesn’t love toast? It’s versatile. It can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, but not dessert. I had to close this list out with something that isn’t a dessert pretending to be breakfast. Little bit of toast, little bit of banana, little bit of nuts, good heaping of delicious vanilla. Without a doubt, this is my favorite item on the list.

What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast foods? Let us know over on Twitter and Facebook!


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