It has already been 6 years since My Path Wellness opened, offering Personal Training in Milwaukie. At the very beginning we had very little equipment, just the basics to get us started and give our clients a workout. I remember the first few weeks we didn't even have a stereo so I would plug my iPhone into the treadmill speaker system, which totally sucked. It was all distorted and felt like I was going to blow the speakers out. It did what was needed to get things going but it was quite comical how it all started.

I had no idea what I was doing opening a business on my own but I knew that I wanted to continue to help people get in better shape, lose weight, deal with injuries and just wanted to have a fun time working out.  6 years later and so much has changed, so much as been improved upon. We have more equipment, we have hired on multiple personal trainers, we have developed a one of a kind nutrition program that is helping people finally take control of their diets. We have been a huge supporter of the community, volunteering and running fundraisers for various organizations like the Annie Ross House, and the Rex Putnam Drumline to name a few.  

I wanted to point out a huge thank you to all that have supported us and have decided to make the step to come and work with one of our personal trainers in Milwaukie. We have enjoyed all the wonderful people that we have gotten to know and help. Here is to the next 6 years!! 


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