Thoracic Erector Spine

For headaches and pain in the upper back this stretch will feel amazing. A add little twist is to lean with your body weight on both sides focusing on the upper right and upper left. You will feel knots that will help to alleviate all the upper back tension.


  1. Sit on the floor with foam roll placed behind the back.
  2. Cross arms to the opposite shoulder to clear the shoulder blades across the mid-back. Like back on top of the form roll so that it is positioned under the upper back.


  1. Draw abs in and activate glutes.
  2. While maintaining abdominal stability, raise hips until unsupported.
  3. Slowly move back and forth to find the most tender spot.
  4. Once identified, hold tender spot until the discomfort is reduced by at least 75 percent.
  5. Repeat on opposite leg.


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