I have been working with clients lately that have been asking me to increase their workouts so we can help them lose weight faster. As personal trainers that is something we are really good at, not feeling like its a hard enough workout, great we can make it more of a challenge, not getting sore enough from the workout, we can make that change.  The one question that most people never ask is, what do I need to do to my nutrition to help me lose weight? If you want to streamline this process and lose weight quickly what should you do, exercise or nutrition?

You might say nutrition or exercise, most people would say nutrition. In reality most people focus on exercise more than nutrition to lose weight. You watch the Biggest Loser and those guys and girls workout hard and lose 20 pounds in a week (supposedly). They hardly ever show them working on nutrition unless it is an advertisement for Subway or some other company they have been paid to market, that is healthy (supposedly).

What is the best way for you to lose weight? How can I get the weight to come off the quickest without going on a crash diet or killing myself in the gym?

Let me ask you a quick question, how many calories do you have to burn to lose one pound? 3500 calories and the average woman burns 2000 a day and average man burns 2500.  Kind of hard to lose one pound a day isn’t it, now think about 20 pounds from the Biggest Loser.  Let me paint you a picture on how important weight loss is from the exercise side and the nutrition side. The image will show you the difference and if you want to see how it works out read on.


For an average workout for an hour someone will burn about 250 calories. If we work out 3-5 days a week and burn 250 calories for 50 weeks in a year we will burn 37,500-62,500 calories. We just divide that number by the amount of calories we need to burn to lose a pound and it ranges from 11-18 pounds in a year you will lose.

If we reduce caloric intake by 500, for a man or a woman, a day and take off two weeks a year for vacation and holidays. We will reduce our caloric intake by 175,000 a year.  We divide that by the number of calories we need to burn to lose a pound of fat, 3500 calories, and we lose 50 pounds.

Out of the two, which one do you think will get the biggest results for real this time? Let one of our personal trainers at My Path Wellness help you to understand how to do this reasonably and effectively.  We’ve been doing it for coming up on 10 years now.  We know what works and we get results just check out our testimonial page.


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