Most people are told you can’t eat this or you can’t eat that, on diets.  That isn’t something that I think should happen, each of us eats differently that one another.  Think about this, if you have kids, friends, co-workers, etc do all of you like to eat the exact same foods.  Most people don’t like to eat the same foods as others, there are similarities but for the most part each of us is unique in this way.  So why treat diet and nutrition as a one size fits all.

So here is one of the first things that I would have you do.  I’d have you sign up for a program called My Fitness Pal.  I’d then want you to just start to log food that you eat throughout the day.  Once I’ve done an analysis I start to plan food choices based on what you like to eat.  So I try and find ways to still eat foods you normally eat but eat them a little more balanced and make a few modifications. For example, if you aren’t eating salmon, I probably am not going to suggest that you eat salmon.  Again some people don’t like certain foods, so why force you to eat them.

Secondly, I look at how much protein, carbohydrates, fats and calories you are getting.  These numbers paint a picture for me on why you eat the way you eat.  I look at if you are getting enough protein, no not like a body builder amounts of protein, I am actually looking at a portion of your carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates and protein work together very well and can help out with burning fat off your body very quickly when paired together properly, like pairing a good wine and cheese.

Third, a few things you can start to spot is how you might go back and forth from a high carbohydrate meal to a high fat meal.  This is all because our bodies are trying to regulate our systems. Think about carbohydrates, as jet fuel, and it is being metabolism too quickly, so your body will start to crave fats, diesel fuel, to slow the carbohydrates down.  This can happen both ways and it becomes a cycle and is hard to break out of it unless you can see it happen in a food log.  So I review this with you and make sure that we find the patterns of this happening and work on fixing it for you. All it takes typically is a few tweaks here and there, add a little fruit here or add some nuts there and problem solved.

Once we start to put all of these together, most clients start to feel full quicker, feel like they are eating more than they have ever eaten before.  It can be a problem, but only if that problem ends up being that you start to lose weight, feel more energy throughout the days and your body actually start to feel cleaner.  We currently are doing a no charge consultation so that we can help you plan your goals and how to achieve them, contact us for more information..


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