This one can be confusing if looking at the IT Band. It is higher up near in the hip area. Move around going all the way to your glutes a little and you will feel this wonderful stretch.



  1. Lie on one side, with the foam roll on the side and just outside of the hip. Keep top leg behind bottom leg, with foot touching the floor and the bottom leg raised slightly off the floor.
  2. Maintain optimal head alignment (ears in line with shoulders).


  1. Draw abs in.
  2. Slowly roll laterally and slightly in front of the hip joint to find the most tender spot.
  3. Once identified, hold tender spot until the discomfort is reduced by at least 75 percent.
  4. Progress to the next tender spot and hold again.
  5. Repeat on opposite leg.


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Don’t wait for what you want

Don’t wait for what you want

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Ready for summer!?
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